Adieu Ms. Alinda!

by Smarter Toddler

Smarter Toddler bids farewell to Ms. Alinda Etienne

Alinda 2

“Smarter Toddler has been one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had!”


Ms. Alinda was a native of New Yorker and have worked with children for over a decade. At Smarter Toddler, Ms. Alinda was one of the most celebrated and loved teachers. She brought love and sunshine to her classrooms that radiated throughout the school. When asked what she will remember most, Ms. Alinda replied, “The way the families show all that love and the way the kids look at you…you can see the impact that you have.”

Smarter Toddler’s commitment to staff development and the growth of all of their teachers is paramount. Ms. Alinda was an infant teacher at Smarter Toddler Fidi since the day we opened our doors in September 2016. She then went on to obtain her certification and, additionally, her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Alinda attributes the success of her development to Educational Director, Lisa Alvarez and Smarter Toddler’s Teacher Development Program, “That’s the best thing about Ms. Lisa is that she shows by example and her approach makes me feel like I’m learning and not being judged.” Ms. Alinda is exiting Smarter Toddler as a proud certified, educated Senior Teacher. “I’ve grown so much from the moment I stepped through those doors until the moment I’m leaving…I’m leaving as two different people.” Ms. Alinda and her family are relocating to the Florida area and it with bittersweet feelings that she takes her leave from Smarter Toddler but she will not be forgotten.


“Ms. Alinda was a stellar member of our staff. She is compassionate, caring and hardworking. She was instrumental to the building of our program,” stated Ms. Lisa. All of the families will miss her dearly but wish her the best for the future. Ms. Lisa speaks on behalf of the entire staff when she says, “Adieu Ms. Alinda! Until we meet again!”


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