Gifted & Talented Test Prep Starting this Fall!

by Smarter Toddler

One of Smarter Toddler’s New Fall Enrichments!

Smarter Toddler’s Skill-builder & Test Prep Fall Series provides children with the fundamental skills necessary to succeed on admissions exams such as the G&T test (OLSAT and NNAT2), ERB, Stanford–Binet test, and other similar entry exams. The test prep series will also give students a head start with kindergarten, making them more self- confident and skillful students.

The program is designed to stimulate the mental development of children between the ages of 3.5 and 5 years old through fun and interactive lessons aimed at increasing test scores. The series prepares children for testing through the building of foundational skills: creative thinking, cognitive abilities, spatial visualization, language skills, problem-solving, reasoning, and much more. Whether or not your goal is to prepare your child for one of these exams, this program will help your child to become a better test-taker, listener, and to become an all-round, more self-confident student. This class will provide your child with a strong and competitive foundation, as they will learn in great detail about what to expect on the exams, how to approach all types of test questions, and how to persevere in an often-stressful testing environment. Our individual initial assessment will be conducted to identify your child’s strengths and areas that need improvement. These results will be used to create individualized content and personalized recommendations for your child’s test preparation.

Small group sessions are designed to be fun and engaging! We are here to help lower the stress and anxiety that comes along with preparing children for their future. Our enjoyable and interactive learning environment with one-on- one, hands-on attention from our experienced teachers will give your child all the knowledge, tools, and competitive advantage they need to succeed. Leave it to us to start your child off in the best hands New York City has to offer in Toddler Test Prep!


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