Kindergarten Admissions Workshop 2018

by Smarter Toddler

Now’s the time…

To start planning the transition from home or preschool into grade school. Applying for admissions to competitive schools can be a daunting task, especially now that many of these schools expect top standardized test scores. As you prepare for your child’s transition into Kindergarten you will have to consider all of your child’s intellectual and developmental needs and match that against the offerings of the various schools.

The first step in the transition is to understand the process. Our workshop will help you to wrap your head around the process as a whole. We have invited experts who will speak to the specifics regarding timelines, preparing your child mentally and emotionally as well as for standardized testing such as the G&T test, which determines eligibility for New York City’s “Gifted and Talented” program; the ECAA (Early Childhood Admission Assessment) and AABL (Admission Assessment for Beginning Learner), which are required for entry into private/independent schools; and the Hunter Test, which determines eligibility for Hunter College Elementary School.

Our workshop is available not only to the parents of our students but to the community at large. If you know someone else who might benefit from attending this workshop, feel free to send them the sign-up link below or refer them to our website. We want all parents to have the information and insight they need to make the best choices for their children.
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Financial District – April 17th

Williamsburg – April 18th
Smarter Toddler Weekend Test Prep and G&T

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