Diet is very important for children. How a child eats today can affect how they live later. Nutritionists have cited that a healthy diet has a number of benefits. It can:

  • Stabilize their energy.
  • Improve their minds.
  • Even out their moods.
  • Help them maintain a healthy weight.
  • Help prevent mental health conditions. These include depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

Our parents are always welcome to pack their child’s meals for the day or even to stop by and drop it off to them. However, we also understand that many of our parents have very busy schedules or may enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that their children’s meals are provided for.

For this reason, we do have options for children to be provided their meals while they are with us. All of the ingredients are organic and supplied by high-quality local farmers. Meals are prepared and cooked offsite and delivered to the school hot Monday through Friday. Parents are allowed to select through menu options to find options that suit their preferences. Vegetarian menus are available.

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