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a fun, friendly place for children with a serious appetite for learning.

New Yorkers may know best, but New York parents know better. This is what puts Smarter Toddler ahead of the pack. We are parents. We are teachers. We are all learners. A creative, passionate, supportive community always challenging the status quo and seeking new ways to learn and grow everyday. Anchored in diversity, we share a singular mission — growing today’s inquisitive little thinkers into tomorrow’s great innovators and doers.

Our educators partner with children to create rich, meaningful experiences that promote creative expression and engaged learning. One-of-a-kind, meticulously crafted classrooms create a communal culture of warmth and belonging that encourages collaboration and friendship. A unique blend of academics, music, art, and purposeful play leads to the development of the whole child, and the beginning of a successful learning journey.

From our beginnings fourteen years ago as a single classroom in our own home, we aspired to create something different—a progressive school that would harness the natural curiosity and imagination of children through a harmonious balance of all areas of learning. We have always been driven from day one by the pursuit to inspire and nurture the inner artist and genius of all our children—one child at a time.

Today, we have much to celebrate. Entering our fourteenth year, we mark our third Manhattan location in the Financial District and make an exciting entry into Brooklyn by joining the Williamsburg community. We invite you to join us as we embark on this new chapter of Smarter Toddler and continue to grow New York City’s next generation of pioneers, innovators, and leaders through the arts and a lifelong love of learning.

What will your child do today?

made in nyc

Founded in an Upper West Side brownstone by artists and parents, Smarter Toddler has since grown into 4 locations across New York City in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

art + music + learning + fun = smarter toddler

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