Spreading the Love This Holiday Season at Smarter Toddler

by Smarter Toddler



Guest Post by Suzanne Cohen [www.GothamLove.com]

December has been such an exciting month at Smarter Toddler. It is officially winter and although its warm inside we are now greeted by beautiful snowflakes hanging inside the building. The continuing toy and food dive
with City Harvest has been in full swing. It’s so incredible to see the giving spirit of the many families at Smarter Toddler.

The girls have been so busy at school and I love hearing about their daily activities each day at pick up. The teachers and staff are so wonderful in communicating and letting me know exactly how my girls day was. I love hearing a quick synopsis of the basics such as what they ate and how long they napped. However, the teachers go above and beyond and take time to tell me special things a parent wants to hear such as “Harlow was so sweet today and had the best time in yoga”.  Or, “Harper is super engaged in her daily actives and her personality has really come alive!

Every Friday our wonderful education director, Lisa Alvarez, emails an inclusive re cap including photos from the week. It’s my greatest joy  to see snapshots of their days at school. Photos like the one below really melt my heart!

I can also read the daily communication sheet and see how my little one learned the letter “B” for blue or “C” for cube. Her teacher also writes down each new word she says which totally makes my day! The staff is so engaged and energetic and it’s very apparent how much they care.

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