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Now that your child is a kindergartener...



Our goal at Smarter Toddler is to ensure families find the best ongoing schools for their children. The Exmissions Process provides individualized attention and guidance for a smooth and successful transition. We host a variety of workshops and informative events that allow parents to discover who their children are as learners, the various settings that they will thrive in, what to expect in the process, and how to select the most suitable school for their child. Taking into consideration that each family’s educational plan and each child’s individual talents are unique, we are committed to providing a personalized experience for each of our families. Our school director and dedicated staff provide continual support throughout the process and meet one-on-one with families to ensure a successful experience and transition to Kindergarten.


During the Fall Semester, parents are invited to join us for our Life after Smarter Toddler workshop series that outlines:


Selecting the best public, private or charter school

Public schools and the admission process

Gifted & Talented program

Private schools and the application process

Testing prep


Workshop 1: What Do You Know About Your Child as a Learner?


Workshop 2: About Private Schools


Workshop 3: Public Schools, Charter Schools & Gifted and Talented


Workshop 4: The Acceptance Process


Where Our Graduates Go



Smarter Toddler graduates have received Kindergarten acceptances to zoned public schools, gifted and talented programs as well as city-wide private schools like the following:



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Infant program for children 3 months to 11 months old, Toddler program for children 1 year to 2 years old, Preschool program for children 3 years to 5 years old

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